Fashion Digital New York (October 20-22) was an amazing three days of immersion in brands and technology partners all trying to win at digital.

Here is what stuck with us:

  1. Everything except walking home with a shopping bag.” Footwear fashion brand Nine West’s Andrea Wasserman’s response to the question, “What is the current role of the store?” She went on to say content today may be more relevant for in-store shopping than ecommerce. Interesting…

  2. “Buy” buttons on social… no consensus. Ken Seiff of Beanstalk Ventures thinks it will create a revolution, whereas Lokesh Ohri from Deloitte was less bullish. We see huge potential, especially on Pinterest, where users are aspirational and entering a buying mindset.

  3. The tipping point for luxury ecommerce is here. Corra CEO Michael Harvey shared a McKinsey and Co. slide showing luxury ecommerce sales are currently at 6% of total luxury sales. According to McKinsey, once at this point, investment increases and the next stop is 20-25% penetration.

  4. Pinterest’s Rachel Goodman stated “pinning” has doubled in the last 18 months, and 85% of pinners bought something they first found on Pinterest. We are bullish on Pinterest.

  5. A brand is a house with lots of doors and lots of windows – you need to think about how to let people in,” says Deb Berman from Curalate on the power of User Generated Content (UGC). This is a great way to think about acquiring customers, in any format.

  6. People (maybe all people) officially hate the term “Omni-channel.” We think “multichannel” will suffice.

  7. “’Lifestyle’ is an excuse for not being able to describe what you’re doing.” – love this quotation from Lawrence Lenihan of Resonance Companies.

  8. Ryan Babenzien of Greats talks about his frustration with Shopify lacking the ability to allow for saved credit card info.. We’d be shocked if Shopify doesn’t sort out a vault/tokenization option stat, as this is a big miss for a great platform.

  9. Above vs. Below the fold. We were happy to hear about another test showing that below the fold means less than most think, as referenced by Alain Demour of Groupon. This debate needs less chit-chat and more data.

  10. A/B Test suggestion from Ronny Sage at Rise Interactive – replace your carousel with your best selling product.

  11. Back to Ryan Babenzien of Greats for his take on Email versus SMS. He offered his customers the option of email or SMS for staying in touch, and they were 10x more likely to choose SMS! Whoa.

  12. Craig Fleishman from Rebecca Minkoff talks about how their brand is on trend but their experience is ahead of the curve, ensuring their millennial customers engage with the brand the way they engage all other aspects of their lives.

  13. Josh Ehren from VF Corporation says the biggest innovation a brand can have might be simply breaking down their P&L. Love this practical approach to building a brand and a business.

  14. Skip Fidura from dotmailer talks about reading customer’s “digital body language” through clicks, opens, visits, etc. This term is so good, it’s bound to be a hated buzz word soon.

  15. Kelly Goldston from Eloquii spoke about using Custora to compare Customer Acquisition Costs to LTV to determine their best acquisition channels. Kelly was 100% on point with everything she said – digital marketers, listen to this woman!

  16. Funniest Acquisition Idea? Brian Berger from Mack Weldon offering “Commando” underwear on April Fool’s day! Love it.

There you have it, mediaspa’s chestnuts from Fashion Digital New York 2015. Take a look at our new Fashion Forward ecommerce bundle!

Gary Benerofe

Managing Partner - mediaspa