Mediaspa's quick-to-market Magento B2B Solution


Bamboo by mediaspa is a set of B2B eCommerce tools built on the Magento 2 eCommerce platform. Bamboo
leverages mediaspa’s Magento B2B capabilities, and it is the fastest way to grow your Magento B2B business.

Launch  your  Magento B2B  website quickly  and affordably

Magento Features

  • Account management
  • Requisition lists
  • Quotes
  • Dimensional and freight shipping
  • Quick order
  • Many more…

Mediaspa Features

  • Flexible design
  • Tax configuration
  • Payment configuration
  • Shipping configuration
  • Data migration
  • Many more…

Why Bamboo?

  • Quick-to-market model
  • Affordable enterprise ecommerce
  • Predictable launch process
  • Flexible feature options

A Magento Professional Solutions Partner, mediaspa is a full-service ecommerce agency. We’re passionate about implementing effective digital strategy to help our clients and their business perform better, faster and more profitably.

Growing Clients of  “the Spa”

Hello Overdose!

mediaspa proudly joins the world’s fastest-growing independent digital commerce agency, spearheading Overdose's entry into the US.