In the ever-changing world of ecommerce and technology, designers have to adapt quickly to the needs of customers. We strive to constantly provide customers with a seamless experience while trying to maintain a sleek, cutting edge style for our clients brands. Below we will list a few of the latest trends seen in ecommerce design.

Large format responsive

At this point, it goes without saying that responsive design is an essential requirement for most all websites. However, this now goes beyond the traditional desktop, tablet, mobile experience. With the arrival of desktop monitors with retina resolution (1920 pixels or higher) as well as smart TV’s with the ability to browse the web, we must think of how to design for the large format screen beyond the traditional desktop monitor.

A few large brands such as Smythson and Burberry have adopted this trend, and these sites not only work well on traditional desktop, tablet, and mobile devices, but are optimized to work on high resolution screens. Sites like these shine when screen real estate is taken advantage of. Large format imagery pulls as user in, and allows them to view product at the highest quality.

Impactful & flexible typography

Impactful typography has played a vital role in communicating a message since the early days of marketing & advertising.  Little has changed in the digital arena, and in the world of responsive websites and large format screens, copy has to be written and typography designed that works great on all kinds of devices, ranging from a small, mobile screens to large format monitors.

Large format backgrounds

Just as impactful typography has played a vital role in communication a message since the early days of marketing & advertising, impactful photography has done the same as well, and hasn’t changed in the current landscape of modern digital design. Large product shots, or impactful lifestyle shots with your product being used in context is a great way to showcase your products to potential customers. Imagery can be used on home pages, but can also be used on product pages to immerse customers into the brand. When users see the product being used, worn, or held in context, they have a tendency to imagine themselves in that position and can push them to purchase.

Tell a story

In the extremely competitive ecommerce, brands need to stand out from another. Storytelling is a great way to accomplish this. When a user arrives to your site you want to present your story in a way that is unique and compelling. The story of your brand establishes an emotional connection between your brand and your customers. In doing so, this increases loyalty and sales. Greats and Bonobos are two brands which do a great job and take advantage of telling their story.

Evan Esposito

Senior Designer - mediaspa