Ramy Brook and mediaspa, partners in fashion ecommerce

Ramy Brook approached mediaspa seeking assistance completing the design and development of their new Magento Enterprise application. There were features to add, bugs to fix, and performance issues to address. With the brand well positioned in the wholesale channel, the team knew there was great opportunity to grow the ecommerce channel, but the application needed to function effectively first.

Ramy Brook -sunburst illustration

The solution

Mediaspa started by migrating hosting to our PCI cloud on Amazon Web Services with an environment tailored for Ramy Brook’s Magento application. We then executed two large projects, one focused on correcting defects and one on implementing enhancements, including:

  • A new front-end design
  • An updated integration with their ERP system, RLM Apparel Software
  • A new integration with Kount to enhance fraud protection
  • A custom reporting suite
  • Campaign-specific landing pages
  • Improved search functionality

The Results

The impact of our partnership with Ramy Brook has been dramatic. After 10 months of collaboration, sales are up 265%, traffic is up 120%, and conversion rate is up 47%. Additionally, we optimized the PHP code and doubled its load speed. 

Hello Overdose!

mediaspa proudly joins the world’s fastest-growing independent digital commerce agency, spearheading Overdose's entry into the US.