Accelerating ecommerce growth at Nestlé Waters since 2008.

Nestlé Waters saw a significant opportunity to grow their traditional direct to consumer water delivery service through a digital evolution.  The original websites were challenging to navigate, not designed for mobile, and falling short of effectively merchandising the catalog of products. The result was a commerce experience in need of optimization to attain target conversion rates.

THE solution

Working with Nestlé Waters and a few key partners, mediaspa designed and developed a simplified site based on our design philosophy that “choice diminishes conversion.” We reduced the number of key decisions required, and implemented a system to publish dynamic landing pages. At its peak, the application ran nearly 1,000 different simultaneous user experiences, each based on factors such as media partner, geography, and search term. Conversion rates climbed as users were more often served relevant, intuitive content. We continue to work with Nestlé Waters, applying learnings from our Conversion Rate Optimization practice to advance the application and its profitable. Our ongoing work with Nestlé Waters includes the following:

  • Displaying dynamic content based on referral
  • Implementing a scripting library for the hundreds of tracking and analytics tags
  • Improving the methodology for tracking orders through affiliate codes
  • Integrating with a tokenization service to dramatically reduce PCI scope
  • Acting on insights from 2.5 billion data points collected
  • NWNA readyrefresh desktop site
  • NWNA readyrefresh mobile site

The Results


orders per year

Overall system performance and Nestlé Waters ecommerce growth has been phenomenal. The application processes in one day what it used to do in 1 month, and conversion rates are up in excess of industry averages.

The Nestlé Waters partnership with mediaspa continues to be a strong one!

Hello Overdose!

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